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GBHO Terms And Condition
GBHO Mission:To provide a common platform to the Hindu Bhutanese/Nepali diaspora to work together towards preservation and promotion of Vedic Sanatan Dharma through intellectual, spiritual, linguistic and cultural activities by upholding values of dignity, mutual respect and unity among diverse communities. GBHO Vision.
Realizing the potential of Hindu Bhutanese/Nepali diaspora through active participation and engagement of all the members in the community in social, religious, cultural, linguistic and spiritual activities.
  • The Commitments of GBHO
    1. Serving the people of Bhutanese/Nepali origin and others living in the US and abroad in the quest to preserve, develop and promote the Sanatan Hindu Dharma.
    2. Supporting the people of Hindu faith and who are in desperate need for help.
    3. Promoting the holistic approach of Yoga/ Community Based Group Therapy for the spiritual wellness and well-being of the community.
    4. Acting as a facilitator in resolving any conflicting issues related to Hindu rituals, practices and traditions.
    5. Promoting Sanskrit and Nepali languages to our future generations in the continuation of teachings of the Sanatan Hindu Dharma.
    6. Working towards promoting peace, happiness, religious tolerance, harmony, and prosperity among Bhutanese/Nepali diaspora and local communities.
    7. Complying with the rules, regulations, and guidelines defined for not-for-profit organizations by the Local, State and Federal laws.
  • Responsibilities of GBHO Volunteer
    As a volunteer of GBHO, I agree to assist and support the organization as needed and requested, including the following:
    1. Attend meetings, community events, and functions as GBHO's representative.
    2. Advocate the mission and vision of GBHO in the community through educational and interactive activities.
    3. Respond to requests from Board of Directors of GBHO as needed.
    4. Participate in GBHO meetings and trainings.
    5. Support GBHO to organize and implement events and maintain good standing in the community. As a volunteer, I can expect the following from GBHO.
    6. An official Welcome Letter/Letter of Introduction from the lead Director and/or the Board Chair.
    7. Access to information and training to build my advocacy, organizing and communication skills.
    8. Mentoring from experienced Dharmik and/or young leaders.
    9. Support BOD in planning and carrying out activities and communications from your respective department.
Code of conduct
GBHO: Code of Conduct and Ethics
  • GBHO Meeting Code of Conduct
    For all VOLUNTEER AND CITY/STATE representatives. (In-person, video, or conference calls) (Including but not limited to: Board of Directors meetings, committee and other sub-committees)
    1. Treat all other volunteers/representatives with respect, as individuals with a legitimate right to be a part of discussions and decision making.
    2. No member should ever engage in or receive from others any form of harassment, bullying, personal attacks (verbal or physical), or ridicule.
    3. Respect the meeting moderator, meeting agreements, and procedures for discussion.
    4. Meeting moderators will ensure that all participants can voice their opinions in decisions made by that group.
    5. Meeting moderators will ensure that all participants can voice their opinions in decisions made by that group.
    6. Meeting moderators may: limit the length everyone may speak, set reasonable time limits on topics for discussion, solicit input from less vocal participants and ensure that no individual dominates the discussion.
  • Meeting agreements include:
    1. Everyone should participate (we want to hear all voices and viewpoints)
    2. Speak one at a time, listen to each other, be respectful
    3. Respect differences of opinion
    4. Keep points short, add to points others made (rather than repeating them)
    5. Offer solutions if we give a critique or identify a problem.
    6. Be considerate and respectful to the time and efforts of others
    7. Join/arrive to meetings on time
    8. Inform early if you are going to miss a meeting. Frequent absences may lead to termination.
  • Respect and recognize the value of diverse opinions.
    We believe that disagreements can be valuable in challenging situations and producing new ideas or approaches. When we do not agree with one another, we should focus on the issues and not the person. Confidentiality
    1. Respect confidentiality. Meeting attendees may agree that certain information shared or discussed in a meeting should be confidential. Information shared in confidence should not be discussed outside the meeting.
    2. State/city representatives and volunteers are not allowed to share any data or any member/participant's personal information (Email, phone number, home address, name, Date of Birth) to any party outside the organization.
    3. Meeting attendees have the right to request that information or comments shared not go into the minutes of the meeting (if minutes are taken at the meeting).
  • Code of Ethics for Volunteers/Representatives
    GBHO understands that our volunteers/representatives may be affiliated in other educational or different spiritual/religious programs or institutions in state/local level. In these situations, members are expected to also identify themselves as the volunteer or city/state representative of GBHO. When representing GBHO, each volunteers/representatives must:
    1. Be loyal to the mission of GBHO and faithfully abide by its bylaws.
    2. Act in the best interest of our constituency – to promote the values of Vaidik Sanatan Dharma regardless of Caste, Gender and Sampradaya (Sects) discrimination.
    3. Refrain from using GBHO’s reputation and resources for personal gain or benefit.
    4. Speak positively and truthfully about GBHO in public.
    5. Act with honesty, integrity, and professionalism. All volunteers must avoid behavior which might damage the reputation of GBHO.
    6. Make every effort to contribute to friendly and positive working relationships and promote collaboration and cooperation within GBHO and within their own communities.
    7. Take responsibility for personally abiding by this Code of Conduct, Ethics and Confidentiality. In accordance with the Bylaws, any member found to be in violation of this Code of Conduct, Ethics and Confidentiality may be terminated.